Friday, 17 January 2014

Story of the file

People called me a "File boy".The reason was I always loved my file and i never leave the file unattended and i always bring my file wherever i go.My file is a unique file and the shape of my file is rectangular and it was in light-blue colour which is my favorite colour.I had been using my file since when i was primary one and now i am primary six.My mother bought me the file when i was primary one.She asked me to promise her that i would take care of my file properly.
Today i brought my file to the Art room for Art lesson.I took out my colour pencil and colouring. Unfortunately,while i was using the colour pencil i accidentally draw line on my file.I was so frustrated with myself cause the file means everything to me.I couldn't believe that i'm so careless.I broke my promise and it regretted.I didnt feel like using the file anymore.On my home feeling frustrated,i saw a big box near the lift.I looked around there were no one around so i quickly threw my file in the box and enter the lift and went home.I entered my house,i knew my mother would be asking about my file so i lied to her that my file was in my bag so she smiled at me and praised me for taking good care of my file.I was totally ashamed of myself for lying to my mother.A few weeks later,our school organised learning journey to orphanage.The teacher asked the student to take each file from the box as it was needed later for the learning journey.Suddenly,i noticed a rectangular file which was light-blue in colour.It look familiar,it was my own file!It was so clean as someone took trouble to clean it.I was glad my file was clean from the onwards i learnt a variable lesson that i shouldn't throw things which can be reuse.

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