Wednesday, 23 April 2014

English reflection

For me English is one of my weak subject.But thanks to Miss Foo and Madam Tan my English is improving.The lesson is enjoyable and there is many fun activities sometimes the lesson might be boring but I'm satisfied with it. I've learnt a lot of new vocabulary from the phrase book.My main weak point in English is comprehension. I cannot understand the passage even though I read it more than thrice but I'm working on it.I was happy with my CA1 results but I'm sure that i can do better.Overall compare to my P6 English results I think i slightly improve least better than scoring badly.For the support programmed i think is a meaningful programmed.To be honest i haven't even go to support programmed. For the homework,i think is fair cause Miss Foo and Madam Tan do give us extra time so i dont have anything about overload homework.Now i aiming more higher for my mid year exam least i want is higher than expected. 

I would suggest for more fun activity and more practice paper so that we can have practice.I hope i could make my parents proud by doing well in English and other subject too.I hope my english would improve as i expected.


Hi everyone!Now I'm going to tell you about International Friendship day.As you know I am a international student.Our school celebrated international day on 20th March.I had a lots of fun,try different types of food from different countries and I wore some of the clothes which was from other different countries.We have chances to know more about international students about their countries.During the International Day,all international student gather around and talk more about their culture,food,cloths and about their countries.

The first International day was proposed in 1958.It is a day to honor friendship.I had so much fun with my friends during the international day.Hope that next year it would be as fun like that day again.