Thursday, 30 January 2014

Process Writing (Draft 1)

Draft 1
Dear Arjun,
How are you?I'm fine.So how was school in United Kingdom?My sister,my family and i miss you.Do visit Singapore sometimes!Have you heard an incident  which occurs at Little Inida 31 days ago.If you have not heard of it,let me tell you about the incident.
It all started when a driver of a private bus knock down onto an Indian National,Sakthivel Kumaravela,33 years old,at the junction of Hampshire Road and  Race Course Road.There was an estimation about 300 Indian National involved in the riot that lasted for 2 hours.
I believed it could be their friend,loved ones or same Nationality that doesn't mean that they should be angry.It was and incident.On my opinion,i thought that it was his fault because maybe he was walking along the road without crossing the zebra-crossing or using the traffic light.The driver might not see him.I felt that this shouldn't happen anymore as   it gives a bad impression of people who lives in Singapore.
I hope to hear from you soon and do visit Singapore please because we miss you!
yours sincerely,

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