Friday, 10 January 2014


My  name is Sarup Limbu from Chong Boon seconday school.My class is 1E1. I'm an international student from Nepal.I chose Chong Boon as a 1st choice because I'm interested in Chong Boon's volleyball team(boys).My hobbies is soccer but not volleyball.Actually I wanted a school which has soccer as a CCA but since Chong Boon does not have soccer as a CCA so I chose volleyball because volleyball is one of the sports which I like.
My favourite colour is blue.Blue represent the colour of the sky and sea.The scenery of the sky and sea looks beautiful that why i chose blue colour as my favourite colour.My favourite food is Lor Mee.This food was introduced by my friend primary school.I know it is unhealthy so i always eat once a week.I used to eat Lor Mee at my primary school.There is something interesting about myself is i have a natural talent at soccer.I started playing soccer since when i was kindergarden. I used to play soccer with my neighbours.First day at Chong Boon,i was shy.I was sitting beside Damien who is now my best friend.It all started when the teacher asked us to introduced the person sitting beside.His favourite  hobby is to draw.After getting to know each other,I became talkative.Life in primary school was awesome.My favourite teacher was Ms Suppiah.She teaches us Math.I used to fail Math but because of her my math improved tremendously.
I missed my primary school but i'm enjoying myself at my seconadry school too.I hope that life in secondary school will be awesome as how my primary school was!!!!

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  1. .I chose Chong Boon as a 1st choice (error)...I chose Chong Boon as my 1st choice